Best Stylish Tower Fan in India 2020 – Tower Fan Complete Reviews

Towerfan Review

Towerfan Review : Living in India, we all have been facing the problem of heat and humidity for a long time. Even the best air coolers and conditioners are not enough to keep us comfortable at the peak times of the day. This is why we need tower fans which are the new cool in town as they are a combination of air coolers and conditioners, and have the best of both. These devices will help you keep the temperature down during the harsh weather faced throughout the summer.

In the Indian market, tower fans are quite new, which is why most people are unaware of their benefits and can be easily confused while buying it. The best tower fan brands in India make sure that they make these fans with the latest possible technology to help you experience the best of this modern technology.

But before investing your hard earned money on a tower fan, you must know what features to look for in the tower fan you want along with the models that are available in India presently. It is also easier if you buy your favorite tower fan online, as there are many different offers online, and you can take your time and make an informed decision, as well!

What are Tower Fans?

Tower fans which are also called as column fans have a rectangular air outlet that sits closer to the floor with their upper portion throwing out the wind at an appropriate height. The height of these tower fans is adjustable according to the requirement of different people. They are often suited most by people who have large dining or living areas.

Why do you need Tower fans?

Energy efficiency: You need tower fans for a variety of reasons. Tower fans are energy efficient. The energy thus saved cuts down on the electricity costing and hence saves your pocket big time. The feature that tower fans are the most energy efficient cooling appliances also make them one of the most

Natural sleep and breeze: Another important benefit of tower fans is the natural sleep and breeze it offers.

Design: The best tower fans in India are built with the best possible design that makes it possible to have a 90-degree angle while air circulation, an oscillatory base, and an amazing shape.

Acts as a secondary Air purifier: Tower fans also offer to purify the air of the surroundings they are kept in. We know how polluted our surroundings are, both outside and inside the house. Even the air we breathe while sitting inside the house is impure, which is why it becomes important to have a tower fan in your place. The best tower fans are made using the latest technology which helps to clean the air you breathe while efficiently circulating it.

What should you know before buying a Tower Fan?

There are a few things that you must know before investing in your perfect tower fan. People are unaware of what all they are being offered with when they buy a particular product, and their pros and cons. Here are a few questions that must have popped into your head before buying a tower fan. We have gone through many customer surveys and answered the top few most popular questions that the customers had regarding the usage of tower fans.

Once you know what to look for in the best tower fans, you can easily pick up he best tower fan for yourself from the best available options in India. We have gone through lengths of research and made a compact list of the best tower fans available in India in 2018. These fans can be bought online that can be bought in the easiest way. It is always convenient to buy things from an online platform with just a few clicks, while sitting at your place. Spunk Towerfan Review

Clatronics Towerfan In Hyderabad – BUY NOW

Hiwin Towerfan In Hyderabad – BUY NOW

Galaxy Towerfan In Hyderabad – BUY NOW

Clatronics mini 1900RPM Body Swing Towerfan

Whats The Difference Between Multi Table Tablemate and Others – TIPS

Multi Table Tablemate : Day to Day SouthDeal Sales are increasing to the Peak, Especially on Tablemate Product. Many People are Asking the Different question on Tablemate. This is the Answer for all our Customers questions. Positive and Negative Information will be given here.

Why to Choose Multi Table ?

Multi Tablemate is Much Stronger than the Other Tablemate’s In India. Whereas Multi table Tablemate Have the Screw System Where the Plastic Material and Iron Rods Joins, If the Hooks get problem, we can replace with new hooks. In other tablemates there will be a Molding to the plastic sheet, When Molding is Broke then there is no use of that tablemate. Simply it will be in your Store room.

How much Weight Multi Table Tablemate Have a Weight Capacity ?

You can weigh upto around 20kgs Easily as the thinkness of the Plastic will be too Thinner than other tablemates. Other Tablemates have only 5 kgs capacity.

Whats Will Be the Product Dimensions and Other Details?

The Upper plastic flange dimensions are 480mm * 370mm. Height of the Tablemate is Adjustable (6 different Heights) Maximum Height is 2.5Fts (Convenient for you) Approx. Weight of the Product is 3.2 Kgs. Includes Cup Holder.

Tips To Keep Your Tablemate For Long Time Service.

  1. Changing the heights adjustment frequently can avoid Rust in the Balls.
  2. If Hooks Are Damaged you can replace steel or aluminium hooks for life time solution. (it works for you life time)
  3. To avoid Damaging of Hooks Dont Keep more than 15Kgs Weight on tablemate.
  4. If tablemate Became Dusty and Scratches, We can Provide you the Beautiful Vynl Stickers on Tablemates as per your choice.

You can also Read Our Article On ” 5 Reason why you need to buy a tablemate


Multi Table Tablemate




An Article About Our Google Business – Note to Our Customers

Southdeal Online Shop Reviews

Hello Hyderabad,


This is the article about our google my business. We had been established our business  in 2012. We are Specialized in Tablemate and Electronics supply since long back. But Now a Days There are lot of Competition and New Competitors in Our Business. We Did our business very professionally and Among 99.99% Of Our Customers Trust Us. Because we get in touch with each and every customer through our social media. We are Sure Non of our customers were unsatisfied on our service and products Since Business startup (Ofcourse we choose good customers for long term Relation).

Southdeal Online Shop Reviews

So here is the point comes many of the people trying to stop our Business. Since Some day New people in the market Giving Us Fake Reviews with Different Email Ids on our google my business page on the name of “TABLEMATE IN HYDERABAD” and “SOUTHDEAL ONLINE SHOP” . Any how we believe in professional business. We Do our Business with trusting Reviews in Other Forum also. Our Competitors Also Giving positive reviews on forums and their own business pages with fake ids to promote them selves….. we wont care it……

We Announcing this Bcoz Please Avoid Fake Reviews You are Seen on our page, We also replied them in a good manner. They are Not even our Customer As we maintain our Customer Data Base. We take action Legally on the fake people of our competitors soon with Proofs.

So Kindly Avoid the Roamers On SouthDeal Who are giving as negative reply’s on our business page’s. People who Bought from Us Satisfied.



Saturday and Sunday Special Offers on Southdeal – Best Shopping in Hyderabad

Special Offers on Southdeal : On every Saturday and Sunday From 11am – 7pm our agents will be online to Help in shopping and provide you best discount coupons ever. This is the best way of getting good quality products at your door step. Day to Day we are increasing our products.

How to connect with agents ?

Click the green button which is in right side down of the website and talk to them for the help and coupons. Challenging price ever and challenging quality products.

Why to Choose Southdeal ?

SouthDeal is Fast growing online shop in Hyderabad, we choose only the good products which will give good service and strong usage. Before we introducing the product we will use as our personal, if the product is good then only we showcase the product for sale in our southdeal online shop.

What if the Product is Not Good?

There is no chance to ask the above question because till today non of our product were returned back to us because of our quality and service.

How about the Delivery?

Mostly we do same day delivery to Hyderabad customers if our orders are in same route. Some times it may take 1-2 Days in some areas because we need to wait to arrive a other orders from that area.

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With cushioned and massaging back support , giving a more comfortable useWhy the abdominal trainer, what can it do for you? Actually, you should be asking what it can’t do for you. Bond with it as you venture on a journey to the land of fitness, where lies the hidden key to a better living Slim your midsection while sculpting your abs, tone and strengthen your chest, arms, back and abdomen. AB Exerciser installation AB Exerciser installation AB