Whats The Difference Between Multi Table Tablemate and Others – TIPS

Multi Table Tablemate : Day to Day SouthDeal Sales are increasing to the Peak, Especially on Tablemate Product. Many People are Asking the Different question on Tablemate. This is the Answer for all our Customers questions. Positive and Negative Information will be given here.

Why to Choose Multi Table ?

Multi Tablemate is Much Stronger than the Other Tablemate’s In India. Whereas Multi table Tablemate Have the Screw System Where the Plastic Material and Iron Rods Joins, If the Hooks get problem, we can replace with new hooks. In other tablemates there will be a Molding to the plastic sheet, When Molding is Broke then there is no use of that tablemate. Simply it will be in your Store room.

How much Weight Multi Table Tablemate Have a Weight Capacity ?

You can weigh upto around 20kgs Easily as the thinkness of the Plastic will be too Thinner than other tablemates. Other Tablemates have only 5 kgs capacity.

Whats Will Be the Product Dimensions and Other Details?

The Upper plastic flange dimensions are 480mm * 370mm. Height of the Tablemate is Adjustable (6 different Heights) Maximum Height is 2.5Fts (Convenient for you) Approx. Weight of the Product is 3.2 Kgs. Includes Cup Holder.

Tips To Keep Your Tablemate For Long Time Service.

  1. Changing the heights adjustment frequently can avoid Rust in the Balls.
  2. If Hooks Are Damaged you can replace steel or aluminium hooks for life time solution. (it works for you life time)
  3. To avoid Damaging of Hooks Dont Keep more than 15Kgs Weight on tablemate.
  4. If tablemate Became Dusty and Scratches, We can Provide you the Beautiful Vynl Stickers on Tablemates as per your choice.

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Multi Table Tablemate




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