Southdeal Online Shop is Now Chooses The Best Courier Partner Within City

We had Chooses the best courier partner to give same day or next day delivery to our customers. Since 2 months we are facing the issue with late deliveries, now we have resolved the problem from our side. We had decided to send all the parcels with the WEFAST. Wefast also contains a tracking system for the delivery boy.

Wefast is part of – one of the biggest and most technologically advanced players in the global same-day delivery market. We deliver unparalleled convenience to businesses and people, all the while creating millions of jobs. We revolutionize instant same-day delivery service! Our delivery service specializes on for B2C, B2B segment of e-commerce as well as intended for classic industries. Uber-type model of our platform allows couriers to get orders via a mobile app and senders can book a courier through our website or app from their smartphone or laptop. Service is designed to find the highest rated courier who is closest to the sender. Our platform connects the customer and the delivery partner. Their customers receive a first-class service, while the delivery partners are having job opportunity at their convenience. Our courier service is present in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata. Wefast have thousands delivery partners working with us every day, including 2 wheeler, classic couriers and trucks and tempos.