Mouse Pad Big Size Adhesive Sticky Glue Pad Traps to Catch Mouse

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  • Mouse and rat trap is odorless, non toxic, harmless and poison free so it can be used in home with kids
  • Easy to use & easy to clean up
  • Made of paper so it is easy to dispose off caught rats
  • Super sticky glue trap can be used in home, kitchen, restaurants, food Processing plants, hospitals, zoos and other sensitive area where the uses of poison is strictly prohibited.
  • Adhesive glue board trap is used to caught and trap mouse, rat, cockroaches, lizards, insects


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  • Mouse glue trap is made with special glue, strong and evenly distributed.We bring to you our mouse rat insect rodent lizard trap which provides a large catching surface area and maximum holding power to ensure a high capture rate for mice and insects.
    Mouse adhesive glue traps pads are non-toxic, odorless, poison free and also disposable for catching mice and other household pests, such as crickets, spiders, scorpions and cockroaches.Strong glue traps are a ready to use alternative to spray and chemical pest control.

    It can be used in areas where insects have been a problem and waste many costly material.
    Strong glue pad
    It is useful in hospital, hotels, homes, restaurants, bars, offices etc.

    More strong and sticky glue catch rats and mouse more effectively with the stickiest rodent trap glue board on the market.

    Unlike other mouse and rat glue traps that allow them to escape, ours keep rodents in place to ensure you get easily caught and clean up.
    Thick cardboard and foldable design
    It utilize a special cardboard, more thicker and harder, which means it can prevent being dragged away by mice and rats.

    Its foldable design makes the rat sticky traps easier to catch the mice, especially suitable for narrow place.
    How to use
    Install the product unfolded or bended at the corner or narrow places including wall, sink, side of drainage, and back of refrigerator where rats come out often.
    It is better to put the foods on the product in order to raise the capturing effect.
    Install several traps at the same time in order to raise the capturing effect.
    It could be less effective in capturing as there is water or oil around the feet of rat, so it is better to avoid the place where there is water or oil around or please put old newspapers or paper before it is installed.

    Please install away from the place where could be reached by the children or pets


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