Standard Galaxy Tower Fan Cool Breeze With Motor Warranty

3,499.00 1,999.00

6 Months Warranty

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If you want to beat the heat bring home the GALAXY Tower Fan for long lasting comfort. This tower fan cooler is perfect to blow away the muggy heat with its 10 speed fan setting. It does not take up a lot of floor space yet manages to be heavy duty at the same time. The switches for swing and fan speed are conveniently located at the top. This is definitely an energy saving unit as it does not consume more than 130 watts of power. At the same time it is perfect to keep in areas where theres a lot of foot traffic like supermarkets, hotels and so on. This home cooler has been designed with the Indian market in mind and is perfect for Indian homes.

Cooling Capacity

The GALAXY Tower Fan air cooler uses air displacement for cooling purposes. The unit comes with a blower type fan which generates a speed of 2400 rotations per minute. This tower cooler has the capacity of delivering 2250 cubic metres of air per hour. The perfume chamber built into this unit also ensures a constant flow of fresh air.

Engineering Grade Plastic

The GALAXY Tower Fan air cooler is made of engineering grade ABS plastic material making it rust free and therefore delivering on both attractiveness and durability.

Speed Control
The air cooler comes with ten different speed levels so you can conveniently adjust the temperature as per your needs.

Cooling Media
The compact little air cooler has been designed in a sleek and compact manner. The purpose is to deliver maximum cooling capability while taking up minimal floor space. As such the main cooling media for this unit is the ten speed fan blower which maximises the users comfort and convenience.

Automatic Louver Movement
The GALAXY Tower Fan is equipped with motorized louver movement for maximum air displacement.

Powerful Air Throw
The air cooler has a powerful air throw capacity of almost 20 feet thus ensuring fast cooling for large rooms. The high RPM of the blower fans also also ensure maximum air throw range.

Other Important Features
The tower fan is compact and low on noise. It comes in a white colour and can function on only 160 watts of electricity making it energy efficient and convenient to use.


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